The Teacher

The studio teacher, Annah, has a Masters degree and has been teaching since 1987. She creatively adapts lessons and resources to suit the goals, understanding and needs of individual students. She has great empathy for the student journey and has supported many students to demonstrate prodigious learning growth and musicality.

Annah believes in the need for teachers to be learners. She actively researches current theories and principles of piano teaching and technique. Her Masters covers secondary education, gifted education, psychology, child development and literacy. She has Child Protection Accreditation. Her performance career includes several years playing violin and flute with regional Youth Orchestras in Tasmania. She has been playing and performing piano for over 35 years.

The teacher has a positive attitude towards all students and assists them to identify, use and value their own strengths. Piano students, children and adults, have developed quickly and confidently.

From the teacher:

"Teaching is such a pleasure! I became a teacher because I love to learn - I love playing piano, and I enjoy new ideas. I teach because it is exciting to be beside other people as they learn, grow and gain confidence - especially when they never thought they would! Students 'light up' when they realise they can master something new. I am pleased to be part of the process." — Annah-Valerie