Studio & Services

Individual Dynamics provides a comfortable, family friendly environment.

The studio is well equipped and maintained with quality instruments and musical resources.

The teacher is highly trained and loves working with students of all levels and ages.

The curriculum is differentiated for individual students. Beginners mostly learn reading and musical foundations through the Piano Adventures series, presented with movement, visual and aural cues. More advanced students have resources from a good sized music score library available to support their exploration of composers, styles and periods.

Once students achieve some independence in reading and technique they are able to learn music of their choice, be that the popular songs of the present or pieces of the Classical times. Learning then follows a natural path that develops creativity, imagination and performance skill.

Exams and leisure programmes are available.

Semi-annual recitals give students the opportunity to build confidence and experience by sharing their learning, growth and enjoyment with family and friends. Recitals are fun and very family focused.