Piano Courses

Interested in learning music?

The study of music is suitable for people of all age groups, talents and experience. Music is very much a part of the world around us - and learning music allows us to be more aware of and to enjoy this world.

Everyone is different! Why would you like to learn music? Would you like to learn for pleasure, achievement, to develop learning skills, to strengthen muscles and coordination? At Individual Dynamics, you are welcomed and listened to so we can work together to meet your individual goals and needs.

Music teaches the whole brain to work together. We explore the world of music through listening, discovering history, reading music, improvising, inventing and composing.

Individual Dynamics offers:    Preschool    Beginner    Intermediate and Advanced Lessons


Children from 2 years of age upwards are able to explore sound, rhythm, movement and music notation. Materials are adjusted to suit the developmental stage of the child. Although most preschoolers are not as fast to learn, there are proven benefits for cognitive development and reading and school maths preparation.


There are many types of beginners, adults and children, learning about music for the first time or making a fresh start. Beginner lessons involve keyboard geography, basic techniques, exploration of dynamics, music-reading, aural awareness, coordination exercises and creative composition. Students become competent and confident through enjoying a variety of physical / kinesthetic and aural games.

Understand music reading, listening, rhythm, composition and piano playing techniques.


Intermediate students establish learning approaches and begin to understand the range of techniques used for reading and performimng music. Intermediate students begin to develop individual preferences for music style and have foundations in theory for interpreting the music they study. Strategic project approaches are developed for learning more extensive and complex pieces. Personal composition skills can be fostered and developed. A large body of Classical and Neo-Classical music is available to students at this level, who are introduced to pieces of the great Masters, such as Chopin, Schubert and Liszt.


Advanced students are experienced performers, independent learners and able to establish a career in music if they choose. Advanced learners have the opportunity to explore preferences in composer and musical periods, analysing in depth the wealth of culture found in concert level pieces. Advanced students refine technique to individually suit the style and composer of each piece they perform. This can lead to development of their own compositional style, just as the masters tended to do over the ages.

Each level of study is available for casual pursuit or exams. Later levels provide students with the skills and knowledge needed for entering a state conservatorium, should they wish to pursue such a direction. Students from Individual Dynamics have been accepted into the Conservatorium and have won state wide competitions.