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Technique and a Place to Start

Piano Seating Posture
Basic Hand Position and Finger Movement
Technique Training - Our Hands, Gymnasts of the Keys
Movement at the Piano
Imagination and the Quality of Every Note
Keys for Playing up to Speed - Relaxation and Physical Memory


How much practice is the right amount?
Practice Commitments
Practice Triggers
Practice Hints - Making Practice Time Easier
Practice - The Senses
Practice Hats - Polishing Pieces
Practice Building Muscles
The Role of Memorising Pieces

Learning the Fundamentals of Music

Keeping Time - The Importance of Rhythm
Musical Expression
Reading Music


Confidence for a Shining Performance
Preparing for Performances - Handling Nerves

The Profession

A Future Career in Music

For Parents

Practice Triggers
Supporting Student Learning
Pros and Cons - Piano Exams
Instrument Purchase and Care

About Music and the Piano

History of the Piano
The Piano as an Ensemble Instrument
Evolution of Western Music
The Language of Music - a brief thought